Hampshire Dog And Horse Racing Tracks

The English county of Hampshire was once a hotbed for both horse racing and dog racing, but over the years, there have been many closures and there are no livestockxpertcom_id32033_size3_157 events held anymore.

This could pose a problem if you feel like having a flutter, but thankfully, today there are plenty of online platforms where users can have a punt.

Sites such as 247casinoapps.org can really fill in the gap that these closures have left and can provide all sorts of gambling options at the touch of a button. While it may not be the same as going down to the tracks for a pie and chips and a beer, you can play games such as video slots, virtual racing, poker, blackjack and much more in the comfort of your own home. Actually, with today’s mobile platforms, you can play from pretty much anywhere on your mobile phone given that the sites all have mobile app friendly software. You can even play on the bus, while you are sightseeing or on the way to work on the train.

But it is sad to see the old courses go. When it comes to dog racing, the first track in operation was in Portsmouth between 1928 and 1930. This was shut down because of a bigger facility that opened close by in 1931. It was given the name Portsmouth Greyhound Stadium and was eventually closed after the last meet in 2010. The site was demolished and is awaiting redevelopment.

There are currently no horse racing tracks in operation in Hampshire but there were five registered tracks over the course of history, but over the years, they fell into disuse and the larger ones in nearby counties forced them out of business. One curious fact though, is that the course at Farlington, near Portsmouth, was closed because it was turned into an ammunition dump in World War 1. Online sites, these days, as well as machines at bookies, make up for the lack of live action.