Online Or Onshore, You Can Have A Flutter in Hampshire

While Hampshire is known for its naval and maritime traditions, it is not as well known when it comes to the world of gambling and betting.

In a world where more and more people are taking to playing betting games on sites such as it seems that the demand for physical land based casinos is dropping.

Many ask why they should have to dress up and take a taxi all the way out to the city centre to have a flutter when they have games such as poker, blackjack, video slots, virtual racing and many others at their fingertips. After all, why go to all the bother when you can just pick up your tablet or phone and go sit at a caféJS63211515, pub or even your living room and play in comfort?

But still, some people like the idea of going into a licensed casino building, especially when they are on holiday. A lot of people visit Hampshire on board cruise liners, but the casinos are only allowed to operate when the ships are out of British territorial waters, according to current legislation. Those that might want to have a cheeky gamble can do so at the local landside bookies. But what if it is an actual game you want to play, rather than just placing a wager on the dogs, horses or football.

Well, for those that still like to do it in the old school way, there are actually five licensed casinos in Hampshire. Three of those are in Southampton and include the Genting Casino, the Genting Club Terminus Terrace and the Grosvenor Casino. Portsmouth, which is only about a 20 minute ride away in a cab has two others which are the Grosvenor Casino on Gunwharf Quays and the Grosvenor Casino on Osborne Road. No matter what your favored way of having a flutter, you will find it either online or onshore in Hampshire.